Cursus Legal English - the next step

donderdag 25 januari 2018 van 14.00 uur tot 17.00 uur
Javastraat 22, Den Haag
€ 99,-- ex. btw
advocaten en juristen
3 PO-punten


Effective legal writing in English reflects the writer's (1) knowledge of the law, (2) sense of client orientation, (3) awareness of style and tone, (4) structural thinking, and (5) proficiency in syntax and grammar.

This workshop, which presupposes that the participants' fluency level in English is low B2, will address elements of items 2-5 through a series of guided hands-on exercises with accompanying explanations of what to avoid and, more importantly, what to do and why. This means not just reviewing common pitfalls, but instead casting a broader net to expand the participants' vocabulary and legal terminology base in English, and enhance their toolbox of stylistic elements of effective and culturally appropriate communication. Needless to say, the workshop will also indirectly focus on building self-confidence.

The workshop is in two parts: (a) Client first and (b) Good advisory writing. There will a 5-minute multiple choice warm-up quiz sent to all those who enrol. Participants are strongly encouraged to do it before the workshop; the correct answers will be provided during the workshop itself. Important takeaways include the exercises during the workshop, and discussion and interaction, as well as on-the-spot constructive feedback from the trainer.     

De cursus zal worden verzorgd op het kantoor van Van der Feltz advocaten te Den Haag.


De cursus wordt gegeven door Stephen Machon van machon editing