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Daan Korsse


Daan Korsse specialises in environmental law. He advises and litigates on matters relating to local and large-scale property development, particularly public participation in the decision-making process. In an administrative law context, he advises governments, businesses and individuals on finding sustainable solutions for often complicated legal issues, e.g. issues at the interface between spatial planning and the environment. He strives to help the parties avoid court proceedings. Should litigation become necessary, Daan continues to work closely with his clients, assisting them during the process and taking advantage of opportunities for expeditious resolution.

Daan is particularly appreciated for the quality of his legal work. He went into private practice after obtaining a Doctor of Laws degree. The focus of his academic work was spatial planning law. Afterwards, he worked for several years as a university lecturer in administrative law, particularly environmental law.

Daan has been involved as an author and commentator in a publication of the Environment Act called “Tekst & Commentaar (Omgevingswet) “ and in a handbook on environmental law called “Handboek Omgevingsrecht”, which will be published soon by publisher Boom Juridisch. He is published regularly in various legal periodicals, including an administrative law case reporter (AB), a municipal law periodical (De Gemeentestem) and the Construction Law Journal (Tijdschrift voor Bouwrecht).

Industry Focus

  • Construction Law and Real Estate Law
  • Government
  • Industrial sector


  • General Administrative Law
  • Environmental Law and Spatial Planning Law


Here are some examples illustrating Daan’s experience:

  • Advised and litigated for a municipality on the spatial-planning and zoning decision-making process necessary to develop a new residential area of 3,400 homes;
  • Assisted a chemical company with a permit amendment application and with the accompanying spatial integration issues;
  • Advised and litigated for a property owner in a matter concerning an extensive dike reinforcement project on the property owner’s land;
  • Acted as legal adviser in a municipality’s development of a carpooling system in a new residential area.

Professional Associations

  • Member of the Board, Construction Law Association (Vereniging voor Bouwrecht)
  • Member of the Editorial Board, Construction Law Periodical (Tijdschrift voor Bouwrecht)
  • Associated Staff Member, Utrecht University
  • Lecturer, Construction Law Institute
  • Lecturer, Treasurer Training Programme, NCOI