Doing business responsibly

Socially responsible goals

We regularly provide services to charitable organisations. If they have limited financial resources, our services are provided at a reduced rate or occasionally on a pro bono basis.

Our law firm’s proud sponsorship of Huygens’ Hofwijck since 2018 reflects our commitment to social responsibility. We will work closely together with this beautiful museum in Voorburg over the next five years.

Our sponsorship contribution has been used in 2019 to arrange for an English translation of Huygens’ Hofwijck, a book about Hofwijck. There has been a strong demand for an English version. We are pleased to be able to contribute in this way.

Human Capital

Being a good employer is hugely important to us. Because of this, we facilitate part-time work, continuing education and specialist training. Our lawyers are encouraged to publish and to teach. We value our employees and are proud of the quality of our legal practice.

Environmental sustainability

We have an active environmental policy that includes the following:

• compliance with the applicable environmental laws and regulations;
Our staff are given a “mobility budget”. Our car park includes two electric car loading stations.

• environmentally conscious acquisition of goods and services;
We consume only fair trade coffee and tea. Our staff lunchroom serves mostly organic food.

• sound waste management;
We use 100% wood-free, fully recycled printer paper that has been produced without optical brightening agents (EU Ecolabel, FSC brand and Blue Angel brand).

• energy use reduction by encouraging behavioural change and through technical choices;
We make use of an economical and environmentally friendly air-cooled system, LED lighting and energy-saving fluorescent bulbs.