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Susanne van de Pest

Susanne van de Pest is an experienced Dutch real estate lawyer specialising in leasing law and construction law. She handles every issue that commonly arises in tenancy law, with the accent on commercial leasing. Admitted to the bar in 2002, she was qualified as a tenancy law specialist by the Association of Landlord and Tenant Lawyers (VHA) in 2009.

In the last ten years she has had experience dealing with virtually every aspect of construction law at her former firm, Severijn Hulshof advocaten in The Hague. She is an expert on the general conditions and regulations governing the construction sector (RAW, UAV and UAV-GC). She has often litigated on construction law issues at the Dutch Arbitration board for the building industry and the civil courts. She has also been actively involved in several international cases. One example is an International Chamber of Commerce arbitration that concerned the expansion of an industrial complex and that involved multiple Dutch and international parties.

Susanne is a practical, results-oriented lawyer who understands the interests of all the parties involved. She has particular expertise and interest dealing with issues arising at the interface between leasing law and construction law. One example: lessor-lessee disputes arising because of defects in newly delivered leased premises. Another example: the consequences for lessors and lessees of developments in sustainable energy (solar panels) and sustainable construction (liveable interior environments).

Susanne is also actively lecturing and publishing in her areas of law.

Industry Focus

  • Real Estate

  • Government

  • Industrial services

Areas of Expertise

  • Construction law

  • Real estate

  • Liability and litigation


Here are some examples illustrating Suzanne’s experience:

  • Litigated for a lessor in a roof-collapse case involving millions of euros in compensation;
  • Litigated for a project developer in a case involving the lessees’ post-delivery failures to meet their contractual obligations;
  • Advised a dredging company on the termination of various lease agreements;
  • Advised an institution on the termination of the lease for a GSM installation;
  • In the Construction Arbitration Tribunal, litigated on the dissolution of a UAV-GC contract;
  • In the International Chamber of Commerce, litigated in a million-euro claim regarding the expansion of a Caribbean oil refinery;
  • Collected on claims and executed attachments for a construction consortium;
  • In a summary proceedings motion in the civil courts, litigated for a developer on the double sale of a parcel of land;
  • In the International Chamber of Commerce, litigated for a general contractor on the fire safety of building façade cladding and related repair costs;
  • In the Construction Arbitration Tribunal, litigated for a contractor on the issue of additional work and pre-completion termination in a case relating to dredging specifications.


  • “Ranked Construction 2019: Future Leader in Who’s Who Legal: “Susanne van de Pest is applauded for her “ability to cope with complicated matters and remain calm during hectic situations”. Sources also highlight her “great sense of dedication towards the matter at hand”.

Professional Associations

  • Member, Leasing Lawyers Association
  • Member, Construction Lawyers Association
  • Member, Construction Law Committee, Dutch Arbitration Association
  • Member, Real Estate Lawyers Association