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Simon Olierook

Simon specialises in planning and environmental law, with a particular focus on complex projects. Whenever the playing field narrows because of an accumulation of interests, Simon answers the challenge by charting a path through the legislation and rules to create a breakthrough. By being involved from the very beginning of a project, he provides his clients with strategic legal advice that guides them to find the right solutions. Simon’s field of vision includes both corporates as well as decentralised government and government agencies as clients.

Planning and environmental law is evolving, especially with the advent of the Dutch Planning and Environment Act. Simon has been following these developments closely and advises his clients with a view to this new legislation and rules. He publishes and lectures regularly on developments in the area of planning and environmental law.

Simon received his degree in law from the University of Leiden, and obtained a master’s degree in the Encyclopaedia and Philosophy of Law and Constitutional and Administrative Law. He is completing specialist training in Planning and Environmental Law at the Grotius Institute.

Simon publishes regularly, with articles recently appearing in Dutch periodical Construction Law (Bouwrecht), and the Dutch Journal for Construction Law (Tijdschrift voor Bouwrecht).

Industry focus

  • Government
  • Real Estate

Areas of expertise

  • Constitutional and administrative law
  • Land acquisition and exploitation
  • Liability and damages
  • Spatial planning and environmental law


Simon’s work includes:

  • Advising and litigating for project developers of commercial and residential projects, including the transformation of industrial areas and inner city restructuring projects;
  • Advising and litigating for local government and government agencies in matters concerning expropriation, subsidies, and rightful and wrongful government acts;
  • Advising and litigating for special interest groups and associations of corporate entrepreneurs in matters concerning various spatial planning issues.

Professional associations

  • Member of the Dutch Association for Construction Law
  • Member of the Dutch Association for Administrative Law
  • Candidate member of the Association of Expropriation Lawyers
  • Member and former chairman of the Young Lawyers Bar Association of the Dutch Supreme Court
  • Member of the Supervisory Board of the national Young Lawyers Bar Association Foundation