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Nikky van Triet

Nikky advises on and litigates administrative law and civil law matters. She has developed special expertise in answering legal questions arising at the interface of public law and private law. She is particularly interested in government liability law and government contract law.

For a number of years now, Nikky has mainly been litigating in the Supreme Court of the Netherlands, particularly in the areas of agricultural tenancy law and general contract law. She acts on behalf of governments and public utilities as well as private individuals.

In addition, since June 2017, Nikky has been conducting PhD research at Radboud University on the subject of “the government’s liability when it fails to live up to its promises”. As part of this, she is examining, in both an administrative law and civil law context, the government’s failure to comply with undertakings and authorisation agreements and to provide correct information. She is examining the doctrine of government compliance with expectations in administrative law and civil law.

In both her academic research and her practice as a lawyer, Nikky can boast that she has a special understanding of liability for decision-making, the doctrine of enforceability and law on the right to compensation in public. She uses her academic experiences to assist her clients; her experience in legal practice informs her academic work.

Industry focus

  • Government

Areas of expertise

  • Constitutional and Administrative Law
  • Liability and damages
  • Supreme Court litigation


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Name Titel Veröffentlicht in
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