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Jacques Sluysmans

Jacques Sluysmans' expertise encompasses civil law, administrative law and (economic) criminal law. Because of the particularly broad scope of his practice, he is able to view and assess multi-faceted problems in their entirety. This ensures short lines of communication with clients, an integrated approach and a tight grip on legal costs.

He advises and litigates on both private law and public law matters, often operating in the interface between these two. His practice has a particular focus on liability and energy law. He also supports his clients with legislative projects, advising them on how and to what extent proposed legislation may influence their businesses. He assists them with developing and pursuing a strategy that will help lead to acceptable legislation and regulations.

Jacques obtained his PhD in Law from Leiden University in 2011. In addition to his private practice, he has been a professor of expropriation law at Radboud University Nijmegen since 2013. The cross-pollination of his legal practice with his academic role yields useful and invaluable insights for his clients.

Jacques is also active as a binding advisor and as an arbitrator for the NAI and others. He is the chairman of the Zuydasdok Compensation Committee, the chairman of the Construction Law Association, the chairman of the Expropriation Law Association. He is also a member of the Advisory Council of the Association of Young Real Estate Lawyers and the International Expert Group on Expropriation.

Industry focus

  • (Sustainable) energy
  • Industrial sector
  • Government

Areas of expertise

  • Energy
  • Land acquisition and exploitation
  • Liability and damages
  • Supreme Court litigation


Here are some examples of Jacque’s experience:

  • He has litigated many cases in the lower courts, the appellate courts and the Supreme Court on matters relating to government liability law, including Pannenkoekenhuis De Kabouter, Direks/Venray, Fabricom/Staat and Van Zoggel/Den Bosch;
  • He has assisted various courts as chairman of the committee of court-appointed experts charged with advising the court on the extent of compensation for expropriation;
  • He has assisted various parties in short-term and long-term proceedings concerning the expropriation of the securities and assets of SNS Bank and SNS Reaal;
  • He has assisted various manufacturing companies in criminal proceedings relating to environmental incidents and issues concerning the 2015 Major Accidents Decree (Brzo 2015);
  • Jacques is counsel for a large number of water companies, whom he assists in both administrative and private law matters;
  • He was involved in all parliamentary surveys that took place under the 2008 Parliamentary Survey Act, and was indeed the only lawyer in the Netherlands to do so;
  • He advises and litigates on behalf of a large number of energy companies regarding the proposed exploration or exploitation of oil and gas, both onshore and offshore.


Professional associations

  • Binding advisor and arbitrator for the NAI and others
  • Chairman of the Zuydasdok Compensation Committee
  • Chairman of the Construction Law Association
  • Chairman of the Expropriation Law Association
  • Member of the Advisory Council of the Association of Young Real Estate Lawyers
  • Member of the International Expert Group on Expropriation


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