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Indira Stolze

Indira has been a practising lawyer since 2018. She studied at the Erasmus School of Law at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. She completed her LLM in commercial law in 2014 and graduated cum laude in 2015 with an LLM in constitutional and administrative law. As a result, Indira is oriented towards both administrative law and civil law. She has a special interest in the interface between public law and private law. In her practice, she is involved mainly in Supreme Court litigation, liability issues (both government and otherwise) and administrative law in the broadest sense.

Preparing for Supreme Court litigation, in which the issue is whether the trier of fact has applied the law correctly or provided sufficient reasons to support its opinion. Or drafting a notice of objection to the decision to refuse an application for a subsidy. These are examples of the kind of work I prefer to do. Working with specialists in a closely knit team and having a diversity of cases and clients make my work challenging. I find it energising.

Before Indira joined the Dutch law firm of Van der Feltz, she worked for a number of years as a university lecturer at the Erasmus School of Law, first in the corporate department, later in the constitutional and administrative law department. Her academic background comes in handy in complex legal proceedings. At the same time, Indira attaches great importance to a pragmatic approach and the use of clear language in her advice and pleadings.

Industry focus

  • Government
  • Real Estate

Areas of expertise

  • Constitutional and Administrative Law
  • Liability and damages
  • Supreme Court litigation